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About Holly George & Her Driven Team

We're a team of creative, energetic, collaborative marketing experts with a passion to help you grow business and move your sales needle up. We're seasoned and strategic go-getters who know that if you have the right attitude, the right strategies, and the right projections... growing business can be fast and fun. We love what we do. And we're out to help like-minded go-getters drive sales to brag about.

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Holly George Holly George, Founder

Holly brings a wealth of marketing and advertising experience to the table. A big picture strategist and master collaborator, Holly is expert at positioning companies in their perfect niche and brainstorming to unleash their potential with the next big promotions. You can almost hear the "a-ha!" each time she cracks client challenges, crunches numbers, and innovates customized paths to ensure success.

Holly's fast and furious style was unleashed at Martin Williams, a big agency in Minneapolis where she led domestic and international multimedia advertising campaigns. Always charged by turning challenges into big ideas and profit, Holly has won awards for excellence in creative execution and increased revenue. She has launched and grown 2 successful marketing-related businesses over the $1 million mark, but she is most proud of her work with business owners and managers who've worked with her to do the same!

Holly holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Journalism and Advertising from the University of Kansas, is a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach, international speaker, media guest expert, and is the go-to guru for many small businesses.

Holly is a gourmet cook and busy mom juggling 4 adult kids with her husband of 30 years. Add a thriving business, good coffee and fantastic pinot, and you get a sense of her high-energy life.

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feet up

70 pages of interactive step-by-steps to spitfire success. Any great marketer can help you write a plan. Holly goes the extra mile in three important areas. First, she teaches mastery of key life skills that small business owners often overlook: time management, budgeting, and developing supportive relationships. Then she sets you up for success by addressing your business mind-set and systems before walking you through the steps to write your own understandable and easily implemented marketing plan. Finally, along the way, she shares real-world personal stories that back up her solid advice.

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Jay Picture

Jay Conrad Levinson, the Father of Guerrilla Marketing,
had this to say:

"Certified Guerrilla Marketer Holly George tells it all, makes it all clear, and provides the step-by-step instruction every entrepreneur and small business owner needs to hear. She methodically shares proven income-boosting methods, explains clear actionable strategies, and provides a solid measurable system for attaining big results. Working with her will be one of your more profitable actions."

~ Jay Conrad Levinson, the Father of Guerrilla Marketing, Author, "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books - over 14 million sold

Fast Track Group

"Holly is an extraordinary marketer. She is experienced, savvy and a joy to work with. If you are looking for real results, I highly recommend you contact her."

~ Mitch Meyerson, President of Guerrilla Marketing Coach

Fast Track Group

"So many marketing 'experts' teach you THEIR way to success. Holly's Group shows you YOUR way. Such a difference! I could tell right away that their experience put them heads and shoulders above anybody we've worked with. Here's an example... Media reps walk in my door just about every day with 'the best deal ever.' I never knew if these deals were good, bad or really bad. After just 3 sessions, I was able to assess whether a proposal was right for me... and cut my spending in half with better results! I did it all using my new media buying terms and numbers logic. It's funny how reps enter my door with only aggressive proposals that make sense for me now!"

~ Kip Hirschbach,

Louisa Picture

"Holly is fabulous, and this was abundantly clear in her presentations and contributions to the Women's Marketing Telesummit. Her significant experience and knowledge is an awesome combination, and her highly motivating and informative sessions were filled with positive energy, practical ideas and concrete tools that attendees were able to take away with them straight away to start creating positive results in their businesses."

~ Louisa Bird, Women's Marketing Forum, London, UK

Sheri Cosgrove,
Online Guru

Sheri has worked in the field of web development for 20 years. With a B.A. in Marketing and a minor in Computer Information Systems from the University of Wisconsin-Superior, she began her career as a member of the web development team at UW-Superior, first in Administrative Computing, then in the Public Relations office, followed by a position as web developer.

Sheri was then hired as the Director of Web Development at Murphy-McGinnis Interactive in Duluth, Minnesota. Now based in the Minneapolis area and working with Holly as Spitfire Online Guru, Sheri guides clients in all areas of online marketing including web site development, search engine optimization, email marketing, flash development and original application development.

Sheri juggles 3 kids and an active husband, and she loves all things outdoors (a great escape since she's behind a computer most days)!

Tamara Wallace
Tamara Burns Wallace,
Executive Assistant

Grow your business with a 30-year expert who walks the talk.
Holly has started and grown businesses over the $1 million mark,
and she's helped several clients do the same.

Click here for real-world examples of our projects.

Click here for a partial list of our clients.

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